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We're proud to be your off campus solution to high textbooks prices! Shop local and save big with Campus Bookstore.


Have you heard about our Deferred Payment Program?

Waiting on financial aid to buy your textbooks? Waiting on your next paycheck? We know you have homework and tests, and you've got to have your textbooks to do it. With our deferred payment method, you can order your books and pick them up today and pay for them when your money comes in. We hold your payment until the third week of school to make sure you are ready!


Spring 2022 semester: January 28th


How it works:

Our "rent now, pay later" option allows you to rent or buy your books now and not have to pay us until a later date. This allows you to get your books now and not get behind in class or on homework. On a specific date, we run the credit card number you enter when you check out. This awesome option allows you to get your financial aid money from the school, get paid from your job, get money from mom or dad, or any other reason you need to wait to pay us.

What if I don't pay my account on time or don't pay?

If for any reason you neglect to pay on your charge account or your charge account becomes past due, your deferred charge is subject to be sent to our collections agency. The past due or negligent charge account is sent to collections in order to collect the debt owed to Campus Bookstore. The signed customer will be responsible for the full amount of their deferred payment as well as fees up to 50% of the amount sent for collection.